Foster to Adopt!

There are an overwhelming number of teens in foster care in Tennessee and not enough foster parents able to work with older children. This presents an issue for foster care agencies like us, as well as the state of Tennessee. Due to the lack of foster parents willing to take teens, it's not uncommon to have children sleep in the DCS office overnight while the workers search for a home for them.

Therapeutic Interventions (tii) is always looking for foster parents, especially those who are willing and able to work with teenagers.

They need just as much love and support as any other child. Without a loving, supportive, stable home and family, most teens that age out of foster care end up in jail, having children too young and/or homeless.

As a community we CAN make a difference in the lives of teens in the Tennessee Foster Care System.

TII offers adoption assistance when you Foster to Adopt through our agency.

These kids want nothing more than to find their forever families.

Could YOU be that family they are looking for?



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