Our Mission

Nurturing Children & Families

Our Vision

We look forward to living in a world where all parents instill in their children a sense of being valued and feeling secure, where families are emotionally stable and caring and all communities are safe and supportive.


Our team makes the difference.  


Wendy Bowman, MSCJ

Regional  Director, East TN



Alyssa Fernandez, LMSW

Regional Director, Middle TN


Tina Resneck, MA

Quality Assurance and Compliance Director




Nickole Stephens, MA

Case Manager, East TN


Hilary Bell, LMSW

Case Manager, Middle TN


Shivani Chandra, MSW

Case Manager, Middle TN



Kendra Cotton, MSW

Foster Parent Recruiter & Trainer, Middle TN


Mariah Grooms, BS

Case Manager, East TN


Whitney Jackson, BS 

Foster Parent Recruiter & Trainer, East TN



Diana Kerrigan, MS

Case Manager, East TN


Diana Merchant, MA

Case Manager, Middle TN


Joann Reams, MA

Home Study and Special Projects Coordinator



LeQuitsha Shanklin, BS

Case Manager, East TN




Michael Hullett, MA




Richard Call, PhD



Lois Barrett Luke, MA

Executive Director



Nina Taylor, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Director


Brandy Couts, MBA

Office Administrator


Amos Powers, MA 

Administrative and Marketing Coordinator


Stakeholder Advisory Board

Samantha Britain 

Team Leader - Tennessee Department of Children's Services

Tiffany Kelley 

Community Relations Coordinator - TN Kids Belong

Dennis Meehan


Kristi Paling

Regional Coordinator - Tennessee Commission on Children & Youth

Anthony Poteet

Executive Director - Foster Families Assistance Network

Amos Powers 

Administrative and Marketing Coordinator - Therapeutic Interventions

Pam Sheffer

Director of LGBTQ+ Programming & Development - Oasis Center

Betty Vaudt

Community Activist

Retired - Tennessee Tech University

Jade Wiggins, LPC-MHSP

Mental Health Counselor

Michelle Wingate 

Instructor - Together Facing the Challenge

Foster Parent


Our Treatment Philosophy

At Therapeutic Interventions, we share some basic beliefs about the children and families we serve. The following system of beliefs provides direction and impetus for our role in their lives.

  • We are role models for those we serve.

  • We help children and families by helping them meet their basic needs of food, shelter, love, emotional support, consistency, and structure.

  • When one’s basic physical and emotional needs are not met, problems result.

  • Our clients have issues that interfere with their ability to live fulfilling lives or function as a family unit.

  • Our clients' issues are often related to negative life experiences over which they had little or no control.

  • Personal growth and change is a process and is not immediate. It often occurs over a long period of time.

  • Change is most apt to occur by meeting unmet needs and providing positive learning experiences.

  • We practice patience and utilize logical and related consequences for negative behavior, without being retaliatory or punitive.

  • We stay knowledgeable about current treatment and therapeutic approaches in accordance with our policy.

  • The child’s relationship with their biological family is important and respected.

  • We follow the wishes of the child and family as much as possible and in the best interests of the child.

  • Children need permanency and must not be taken from families or foster placements unless justified.

  • Lack of permanency in a child’s life increases the risk of emotional and behavioral problems.

  • Continuous program development and growth are critical in providing services to children and families.


Middle TN Regional & Administrative Office: 1101 Kermit Dr. Suite 201; Nashville, TN 37217 1-833-LUV-KIDS  Ext. 105

East TN Regional Office: 25 W. Broad St. Suite 8; Cookeville, TN 38501 1-833-LUV-KIDS  Ext. 114


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